Expand your Amazon business to Europe: Ready. Set. Grow!

Amazon EU expansioneBook

Whether you are already selling in Amazon EU or you want to expand your business from the US to the European marketplaces, Satisupp and ManageByStats will be your valuable partners.

SatiSupp experts can help you research keywords customers use to buy your product, launch your products with a product giveaway, set up and manage your PPC campaigns and help with the VAT registration as well. All our services are available in 5 EU languages (UK, DE, IT, FR, ES). Native speakers available in every language, can be your voice for customer service, copywriting, and optimization services.

SellerMail™ is an email follow up service provided by ManageByStats for every Amazon Seller. When you sell a product on Amazon, SellerMail™ can automatically schedule and send out a sequence of emails to the buyer. In that way, you have full control of what is sent and when it is sent, with customized email sequences for Brands, product lines or individual products.

We are here to make selling on the EU Marketplace easy for you, so if you’re not sure about the process or don’t speak the language, get in touch with us. Sell your products today on Amazon’s most beneficial marketplace.

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